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Increased funding for Norwegian students abroad!

Since the value of the Norwegian Krone has decreased considerably the last few years, it has become more expensive for Norwegians to study abroad. To help this situation, Lånekassen (the State Education Loan Fund) has decided to increase the funding for these students.

From August 2017, Norwegian students abroad obtain up to EUR 10 700 more in loans to help cover the school fees. This means that in total, students can get up to EUR 36 800 annually to finance their education abroad. On top of this, students may obtain an additional scholarship of EUR 7 400,- if attending one of the universities which is on Lånekassen’s ‘selected list’ (based on high quality and higer school fees) You can find a list of these universities on the Lånekassen website.

This is great news for students who have been struggling with their finances abroad, and also for new students who have been worried about obtaining sufficient funding if they wish to study abroad!


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