English Tour de Norway 2020

Tour de Norway 2020

Do you want to visit several areas in Norway, and meet potential students from both large cities and smaller towns? Take a look at these exciting travel itineraries and great deals on fair participation!

The East to South route:

Oslo East: 9 – 10 January
Kristiansand: 13 – 14 January
Sandefjord: 16 – 17 January
The deal: 20% discount in Oslo East. 50% discount in Kristiansand. 50% discount in Sandefjord.

The West Coast route:

Stavanger: 20 – 21 January
Bergen: 23 – 24 January
Ålesund: 27 – 28 January
The deal: Full price in Stavanger. 20% discount in Bergen. 50% discount in Ålesund.

The Northern Adventure:

Trondheim: 30 – 31 January
Tromsø: 6 – 7 February
The deal: 20% discount in Trondheim. 50% discount in Tromsø.

The deals are only available if participating at all fairs included in each route. Please find the prices on the registration form, or contact us for more information and detailed price quotes!

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