Utdanning & Karriere – what does it mean?

The official name of the Student fairs in Norwegian is Utdanning & Karriere which means Education & Careers.

We have chosen this name as we wish to integrate information about both higher education and future career opportunities at the fairs. This will allow students to learn more about the job market and the careers they are interested in, along with the education program required to reach their career goals.

The name of the fairs changed from ‘Tautdanning’ to ‘Utdanning & Karriere’ in 2018/2019. The reason for the name change is explained below:

The main focus of the fairs has been to provide best possible information for students regarding their choice of education. It is becoming more and more important however, to strengthen the students ability to plan their future occupation as well, and to see further into the future in relation to both education and careers. This is useful for both the individual student and for the society, as it creates a better relation between education and the job market. We have seen an emphasized focus on this during the past few years, by (for instance) the establishments of several new career advising centres in each region as well as at the universities and colleges in Norway. We also see an increasing number of exhibitors at the fairs who wish to inform the students about a specific occupation or industry. The board of representatives therefore wishes to contribute to this development by changing the name of the fairs from Tautdanning (‘Take education’) to Utdanning & Karriere (Education & Careers).