Student newsletters Norway
– reach thousands of potential students!

We send education newsletters to nearly 200 000 students in Norway every month. You can reach this large target market with an article or advert about your institution in the newsletter.

The recipients are students who visited the Student fairs in Norway this year and previous years. They are therefore interested in information about education and future career opportunities.

We have far more contacts on the email list, compared to other providers of similar newsletters in Norway. Advertising through our newsletters is very affordable, compared to other types of marketing.
Choose your months
The newsletters contain relevant articles about education and student life. You can choose to be featured with an article and/or advert during the most suitable months for your institution. Your article/advert will also be published on the front page of the student portal during the relevant time period.
Article: 12 900,- NOK per month.
Advert: 14 500,- NOK per month
Discounts are available during certain periods of the year and if advertising in several newsletters. Contact us for more information and a proposal; 

Specifications for artwork:

Your article in the newsletter will consists of a short headline, one picture and an introduction of up to 20 words. There will be a link to the complete article, which will be published on our website. It will also be shared via Facebook. The complete article can contain text and pictures that fit into an A4 page, using font size 10. You can also include links to your own website and your logo in the main article.

Your advert will be published in the newsletter and also on the front page of our website during the relevant time period. The advert will link directly to your own website. Format 610 x 508px

Dates for distribution in 2023:
12 January – 9 February – 9 March –  13 April – 11 May – 8 June – 13 July – 10 August – 14 September – 12 October – 9 November – 7 December

Deadline for artwork / article material:
Minimum 1 day prior to distribution.

Contact us on /+47 7445 8800
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