Films and webinars


Films will be an important part of your participation at the digital Student fairs. All films that are uploaded to your stand will be available for visitors also after the fairs (until mid-April). Below you will find useful information about the various films:

Presentation film

A short presentation film about your institution is included in the basic stand. This film will be shown to all visitors in a film sequence which will include the presentation film from all exhibitors. It will be obligatory for the visitors to watch the film sequence before they visit the fair as part of the preparation work. This will allow them to be introduced to all exhibitors and they can mark their favourites and plan the fair visit accordingly. 

The standard length of the presentation film is 20 seconds. In order to allow students to prioritize their interests, and avoid spending too much time on the film sequence, they can skip to the next film after 10 seconds. We therefore recommend that you make an interesting and informative film that will quickly grasp attention. If you would like to have a longer presentation film (which will last longer in the film sequence), this can be ordered additionally. You can find the prices for this here

Mini webinar and additional webinars

The mini webinar which is included in the basic can last for up to 3 minutes. You can choose if you would like to use the mini webinar or the presentation film as the ‘main feature film’ on your stand. We recommend that you choose the mini webinar as this will allow for more information than the presentation film. 

You can also order additional webinars which can last for up to 15 minutes at an additional cost. All webinars must be pre-recorded and will be available on demand for visitors. The chat function allows visitors to ask questions while watching your webinar. These questions will appear in your main chat line and it will be specified that they are coming from the webinar (so you can easily handle chat questions from your main stand and your webinars at the same time). The webinars will also be available for visitors after the fairs, but the chat function is open only during the fairs’ opening hours.
Additional webinars can be ordered on the order form for additional content.

Various types of webinars

A webinar doesn’t have to be a traditional lecture where you do a presentation in front of the camera. It can also be a promotional video for your institution or other videos/films that you think will be of interest for the audience. There are no limitations on the number of webinars you can order. We do however recommend that you use webinars with a wide interest. Focus on subjects that will be interesting for the audience and that are important for you to convey.


You can have several livestreams during the fair and you can also inform the visitors about your ‘Livestream program’ for each day. Livestream is a great way of showing more of your institution, and you can for instance do campus tours, interviews with students, live presentations, competitions and more. How to use livestream:

  1. Create a YouTube channel if you don’t have one already.
  2. Start the livestream on YouTube
  3. Copy the livestream link from YouTube into your admin page and activate the live function (this will be explained and easy to understand once you log in to your admin page)
  4. The livestream will replace the main feature film on your stand (for the duration of the streaming).  

Please note that all films that are to be used at the digital fair must be uploaded to your YouTube channel

Do you need help with making films or webinars?
Contact our partners at JJ Design who can help you with this: / +47 7351 8070

The digital fairs will replace the original fairs/cities stated in the brackets. Please note that students from the entire region will visit the fair, not only from these cities.