Stand solutions and content

Stand solutions and content

A digital stand offers a variety of opportunities to communicate with the visitors. You can talk to them via chat and video meetings, and use information material such as text, films, pictures and links to downloadable brochures etc. You can also have livestreams several times during the fair. More content can be added to your stand by ordering channels, several webinars and additional lines for chat and video. Read more about the options here:

All stands will have the same structure so that visitors can easily navigate and find their way at the fair.

The basic stand includes the following features:

  • 1 presentation film (20 seconds) which will be shown to all visitors
  • 1 mini webinar (3 minutes)
  • 1 line for chat
  • 1 line for video meetings
  • Option for livestream
  • Basic information about your institution (text, pictures and links)
  • 10 common questions and answers
  • Links to downloadable material (such as brochures or catalogues)
  • Your contact information and the opportunity to register leads.
  • Everything on your digital stand (except from the live content) will be available online until summer.

See illustration of basic stand with live content here

For many international exhibitors, the basic stand without any add-ons will be sufficient. Others will find it necessary to increase the content and capacity on their stand by ordering channels and additional lines for chat and video.

The presentation film

The presentation film is very important as it will be shown to all visitors in an obligatory film sequence and it will also be available on your stand. We recommend all exhibitors to make an interesting and informativ film that will quickly grasp attention. The standard length of the presentation film is 20 seconds. In order to allow students to prioritize their interests, and avoid spending too much time on the film sequence, they can skip to the next film after 10 seconds. If you would like to have an extended presentation film, this can be ordered at an additional cost. Read more about films here

Mini webinar

The mini webinar which is included in the basic can last for up to 3 minutes. You can choose if you would like to use the mini webinar or the presentation film as the ‘main feature film’ on your stand. We recommend that you choose the mini webinar as this will allow for more information than the presentation film.

You can also order additional webinars which can last for up to 15 minutes at an additional cost. All webinars must be pre-recorded and will be available on demand for visitors. The chat function allows visitors to ask questions while watching your webinar. These questions will appear in your main chat line and it will be specified that they are coming from the webinar (so you can easily handle chat questions from your main stand and your webinars at the same time). The webinars will also be available for visitors after the fairs, but the chat function is open only during the fairs’ opening hours.


1 line for chat is included in the price for a basic stand at each fair. If you would like more than one representative to operate the chat function at the same time, you can order additional lines. This will allow you to handle multiple queries simultaneously. The chat function will be visible as a window or chat bubble in your main stand (and in the channels if applicable). The chat will be private for the visitors and no one else can read it.

Video meetings

The fair platform will be integrated with Zoom (or similar) to enable video and sound meetings. You can choose to have meetings with students one-on-one or in groups. You will obtain an account for each line your order. One line per fair is included in the basic stand package, and you can order additional lines if needed. You can choose who and how many students you would like to allow into the video meetings and you can use the lobby as a waiting room/waiting list. You can also add a tag or identifyer to each video line such as ‘talk to me about nursing’ or ‘talk to me about studying in Prague’.


Ordering channels (kanaler in Norwegian) will make your stand ‘bigger’ and allow for more information and content. A channel can represent a specific program or subject area within your institution. This gives you the opportunity to provide more detailed information about the programs you offer. A channel can also present a different area of your institution such as ‘Student life and activities’ or present various campuses/places to study. See illustration of a basic stand with channels here. An overview of the channels will be easily available in your main stand. The visitors can click their way into each channel which will have the same structure and include the same features as the main stand:

  • 1 presentation film (20 seconds). Please note that the presentation films in the channels will not be included in the film sequence. 
  • 1 mini webinar (3 minutes)
  • 1 line for chat
  • 1 line for video meetings
  • Option for livestream
  • Basic information (text, pictures and links)
  • 5 common questions and answers
  • Links to downloadable material (such as brochures or catalogues)
  • Your contact information and the opportunity to collect leads.
  • Everything will be available online until mid-April.

The chat and video lines can be operated by staff who are experts on the subject / program which is presented in the channel (student ambassadors or program consultants for instance). See illustration of a channel here.


You can have several livestreams during the fair and you can also inform the visitors about your ‘Livestream program’ for each day. Livestream is a great way of showing more of your institution, and you can for instance do campus tours, interviews with students, live presentations, competitions and more. Please note that the livestream viewing will replace the main feature film on your stand (for the duration of the streaming).

Additional orders

It is possible to order additional content for your stand also after your have submitted the registration form. Please find order form for additional content here

The deadline for additional orders is 1st December. It will also be possible to order extra lines for chat and video during the fairs. We do however recommend that you order the required number of lines in advance. If you still wish to order extra lines during the fair, please note that some waiting time must be expected before the services can be activated.

If you are uncertain about the number of lines, channels and webinars that you may need, please contact us so that we can help you find a suitable solution. / +47 7380 9767

The digital fairs will replace the original fairs/cities stated in the brackets. Please note that students from the entire region will visit the fair, not only from these cities.