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Exhibitors want to participate at the fairs again next year.

The exhibitors that participated at the student fairs this year are happy with the events and most of them would like to join again next year.

Below is a summery of the results from the exhibitors’ evaluation of the fairs:

  • 76 % were very satisfied or satisfied with the number of visitors.
  • 87 % considered the service from the organizer as good or very good.
  • 79 % were happy with the opening hours.
  • 75 % were satisfyed with their stand location.
  • 96 % would like to attend the fairs again next year.

The numbers are based on evaluations forms from 563 exhibitors at 10 fairs.

Also read the visitors survey results here.

Are you interested in exhibiting at any of the Student fairs Norway in 2021? Register here or contact us for more information: info@fairs.no

The digital fairs will replace the original fairs/cities stated in the brackets. Please note that students from the entire region will visit the fair, not only from these cities.