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Medical study among the vineyards of Krems/Austria

Eleni Glavas from Norway studies medicine at Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences nearby Vienna – for good reasons.

Møt Eleni og andre ansatte fra KL på Utdanningsmessen i Lillestrøm! Messen arrangeres på Norges Varemesse på Lillestrøm, 9. – 10. januar 2017.

What was the main reason to choose KL for studying medicine?
Initially I studied Biology in Vienna, but always wanted to study medicine. So I was looking for an alternative in Norway or somewhere in Austria, one of my favorite places in Europe. That´s when I got to know Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences. KL was quite frankly the best offer I got. The university provides a medical study programme in English language. Mainly it´s the first part of the two-part-study programme, the Health Sciences Bachelor Study Programme, that is being taught English.

What distinguishes the medical study programme at KL from others?
What thrilled me the most about KL is the bologna-compliant medical study programme. It´s split up in a Health Sciences Bachelor Programme and a Human Medicine Master programme – each one takes three years. For me it was always clear, that I want to become a doctor in the end. But it´s good to have the opportunity to quit a medical study programme without losing valuable time, when you are not quite certain to start a medical career. At KL you complete Health Science Bachelor programme and receive an academic degree BSc. Afterwards you can continue the Human Medicine Master programme at KL to accomplish your medical study. Or you choose to switch to a Master study programme related to health sciences or public health. You can also start a business career in the pharmaceutical industry or in medical documentation

studierende_harsaal_bahs_kohorte_16-17-litenWhat is special about the medicine study programme at KL?
We are quite small year groups, about 60 to 70 students per year. Of course we have plenary teaching sessions. But we also work in smaller groups of about 6 to 8 students for example in the dissection lessons. That´s a huge advantage. I am permanently demanded and supported by my teachers and tutors. So there is no gap, no break in your courses – especially in building up and improving your clinical skills and abilities.

How do you like Campus Krems and its surrounding?
I love Austria in general. It´s in the heart of Europe. The city of Krems is beautiful. Only an hour away from Vienna to enjoy arts and culture. It´s at the gates to world heritage Wachau, surrounded by vineyards and wonderful landscape. There is being offered an active student life with parties, a lot of sports activities and a perfect learning environment. Krems indeed has turned out to be a great university town in the last few years.

kl_labor_studierendengruppe-litenWhich advice would you give applicants?
Study for the written entrance examination, the first part of the admission process. It´s not about your scientific or medical knowledge, but about your reasoning or text comprehension. If you make it to the interview, the second part of the admission process, try to envision yourself as a student as well as a former medical doctor. The interviewer want to learn more about your special qualities, they want to know why you are convinced to be a good physician. Just show, that you are passionate about it.

You are one of the Austrian representative of ANSA, an international Norwegian student association. What is it about?
It´s the Association for Norwegian Students Abroad (ANSA). We have around 10.000 members all around the world and we are represented in 90 countries. Our aim is to support Norwegian students, to provide a safety net for them – regarding to social life, insurance issues, and different university politics. I am one of the representative of ANSA in Austria and in charge of financial issues. But I am also an adviser for medical students coming to Austria. I am pleased to give a hand to future student colleagues from Norway. www.ansa.no

Møt Eleni og andre ansatte fra KL på Utdanningsmessen i Lillestrøm!
Messen arrangeres på Norges Varemesse på Lillestrøm, 9. – 10. januar 2017.

More details on medical study programme at KL: www.kl.ac.at/en

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