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New exciting concept: joint pavilions for international exhibitors!

Do you wish to participate on a joint pavilion with other international exhibitors and lower the cost of your attendance? This is now possible with our new, exciting concept.

The goal of the introducing the new concept is to enable participation at a lower cost for internatinal exhibitors. Here you can book a small booth of only 4m2 which will be located on a joint area/pavilion with other foreign exhibitors. Being part of a common area may also enhance your visibility and help attract more attention and traffic to your booth.

The pavilions are coordinated in collaboration with the British Council, EducationUSA and ANSA (Association of Norwegian Students Abroad). The possibility of arranging pavilions for each country/area will depend on the number of registrations. Regardless of this, you will still be co-located with other international exhibitors on a common area (subject to availability).

How to sign up
We have a separate registration form where you can sign up for joint pavilions at the following Student fairs in 2025: Stavanger, Bergen, Trondheim and Oslo/Lillestrøm. You will receive an order confirmation once we can confirm availability at the fairs/pavilions you have requested.

For more information about the Student fairs in Norway 2025, and further details about the new concept, please watch the recording of the info meeting for international exhibitors from 19 June.

Feel free to contact us on info@fairs.no or +47 4775 8800

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