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Student fair Eastern Norway 2
16 – 17 February 2022

As an exhibitor at the event, you will meet visitors from the the entire Oslo area who are interested in education and career opportunities.

Dates and opening hours:

Wednesday 16 February: 09.00 – 15.00
Thursday 17 February: 09.00 – 15.00

Participation with digital stand

The Student fair in Eastern Norway 2 will be held digitally. When registering as an exhibitor, you will obtain a digital stand which contains several functions for communicating with the audience. You create your digital stand via the exhibitor portal which you will gain access to after registering. Here you can add films and information materials, utilize chat and video calls, and manage new leads. Read more about digital stand here.


The fair is free and available for everyone who are interested in education and careers. All schools in the Oslo area will be invited and offered free group participation through the student advisors. The fair will be held during school hours and the visitors will be allocated time slots to ensure even distribution and capacity. We will also invite other groups to visit the fair such as students from folk high schools, older students at university level and others who are interested in further education and career opportunities.


Exhibitors that participate at the Student fairs are Norwegian and international universities, colleges, high schools, private and public organisations, and companies.


Do you have any questions regarding fair participation?

Contact us to discuss a suitable solution for your institution.
Email: info@fairs.no Phone: +47 7380 9767

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