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Hybrid solutions – new opportunities

At the physical fairs you have the opportunity to use hybrid solutions which will allow you to easily increase the capacity on your stand or participate at the fair without being present yourself.

Hybrid stand

Participation with a hybrid stand means that you don’t have to be present at the fair yourself. The hybrid stand consists of technical equipment which will enable you to meet students and talk to them via digital video meetings. Students can also register their contact details which you will obtain access to afterwards. The stand will be staffed by service personnel at the fair which will ensure that the technical equipment is working and that relevant students will obtain contact with you.

A hybrid stand consists of the following equipment: one high table, one large screen (32 inches), one laptop, speakers, web camera, microphone, headphones and a function for video meetings. Signage and service/staffing is also included.  A hybrid stand will cost from 9900, – NOK (excl. vat) and can be ordered on the registration form.

Hybrid station

You can also order one or more hybrid stations on your own stand at the physical fairs. This can be used to increase your capacity at the fair by using staff at home to answer questions from students via video calls on the screen. This is a unique opportunity to use representatives and experts from your institution at the fair, without them having to travel.

A hybrid station consists of the same equipment as a hybrid stand except the stand area, signage, and staffing. A hybrid station will cost 4900 NOK (excl. vat) and can be ordered on the order form for stand equipment and services which you will obtain access to after registration.

It will be possible to order larger or additional screens for the hybrid stand or station at an additional cost.

The hybrid solutions provide cost-effective ways of increasing your capacity at physical fairs and allowing you to participate without being present yourself. This means that you will save time, resources and it is also great for the environment!


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