Student fair Kristiansand: 9 January 2023

The student fair takes place in Gimlehallen which is located a few minutes outside Kristiansand city center. As an exhibitor at the fair, you will meet students from the entire Agder county (Southern Norway).

The majority of visitors are students from high school and junior high school. The students are invited to the fair throught close contact with the student advisors at each school, and are offered bus transport to the exhibition venue. Other visitors include students from community colleges and universities, student advisors, teachers, job seekers and others who are interested in education and career opportunities.

The exhibitors at the fair are both national and international universities, colleges, community colleges, private schools and various organisations. Special interest groups, and companies that wish to promote certain industries and professions are also represented.

Practical information:

Exhibition venue
Gimlehallen Jegersbergveien 3 N-4630 Kristiansand S
Exhibitor set up
Sunday 8 January 14.00 – 18.00
Opening hours for visitors
Monday 9 January 09.00 – 15.00

Stand equipment & Services

Stand equipment such as electricty, lighting and furniture must be ordered in addition at the Student fairs. Practical equipment packages can be ordred on the registration form. All exhibitors will also obtain access to the complete ordering form for stand equipment and services after registration. We also offer transport services, for transfering your own materials such as brochures and cataloges to each fair. 
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Registration of stand personnel

All exhibitors must register as stand personnel in advance. Please find the registration form here. After registration you will receive an SMS with a unique QR-code which is to be scanned when you arrive at the fair to obtain your exhibitor ID card.


Contact us on / +47 4775 8800