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Transport services

You can send the materials you would like to use at the fairs to our our office beforehand. We offer effective transport services which will ensure that your materials are delivered to your stand at each fair.

Shipment of materials to Norway

You must arrange the shipment of your materials from your home country to Norway with an international forwarder of your choice. Please note that it is not advisable to send your materials directly to the fair venues. There are no service providers in place to handle this, and your materials may get lost. We recommend that you send your materials to our office instead where we can receive and sign for the packages. We will make sure to bring your materials to each fair and deliver promptly to your stand. Please note that this service will be charged. Contact us if you would like a price quote in advance.

How to order transport services:

  • Fill out the Order form and return to by 1 Desember.
  • Fill out the Transport labels and attach to each box/item you are going to send.
  • Fill out the Proforma invoice and deliver this to your forwarder at the time of shipment.
  • Make sure that your materials will arrive at our office by the specified deadlines for 2025 (coming soon)

Please note that any costs relating to VAT or customs clearance that may occur in relation to your shipment, will be invoiced after the fair period.

Returning of goods abroad

Please note that we cannot return any goods back to your country after the fair period. We can only handle your goods while in Norway. We recommend that you contact an international forwarder if you wish to return goods to your home country.

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