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Students can travel abroad to study

The Ministry of Education in Norway confirms that travelling abroad for study purposes is classified as ‘necessary travelling’. Students can therefore go abroad to study (full degree or exchange) without breaching the general travel advice set out by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The general travel advice states that one should avoid any non-essential travelling due to the Corona situation.

This is a relief for many Norwegian students who have been unsure about travelling abroad to study this autumn. It is reassuring for both the students and their families that the Government has made this clarification.

Students are still strongly advised to obtain a valid travel insurance and to follow the infection control rules that apply at the place of study.

ANSA (the Association for Norwegian students abroad) has long indicated that studies abroad should be considered as necessary travelling and not the same as an overseas holiday. They are now very pleased that the Government is conveying a clear message regarding this to students.

The digital fairs will replace the original fairs/cities stated in the brackets. Please note that students from the entire region will visit the fair, not only from these cities.