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«The fairs are a good investment»

Bournemouth University has participated at the Student fairs in Norway for the past 12 -15 years. According to Andy Thompson, Regional Manager for Europe at BU, the fairs work on several levels for the university. Profile raising and sowing the seed of interest among the young Norwegian students are the most important factors.

The final year kids that we meet at the fairs are very focused and serious about their choices. They have good questions and are good quality enquiries.

Bournemouth University has a good community of Norwegian students on campus and at other institutions in the town. Andy describes them as hard working and mature students with extremely good English skills for both social and academic purposes.

Norwegian students fit easily into life in the UK and get along with both local and other international students. They don’t need visas and come well-funded thanks to Lånekassen (State Educational Loan Fund). They are a great package!

According to Andy, it is worthwhile for BU to keep coming back to the fairs in Norway.

It is important to build relationships over time for several years. It is also important to show that you are interested in meeting the students face to face (not just through agents), so that they can make informed choices.

The fairs are always well organised with lots of visitors every year. They are a good investment for BU and worthwhile even though it is costly.

Andy Thompson, Regional Manager for Europe at Bournemouth University.

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