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The fairs can influence students choice of education

Between 6000 and 9000 visitors take part in the survey which is conducted at the Student fairs every year. Their conclusion is clear: the fair can influence their choices and they recommend the fairs to others.

  • 9 of 10 believe that visiting a physical student fair can influence their choice of education or where to study. 7 of 10 have the same response for the digital fair.
  • 9 of 10 believe that they obtained the information they needed at the physical fair. 8 of 10 are of the same opinion regarding the digital fair.
  • 96% would recommend others to visit the fair next year, and 85% have the same response for the digital fair.  
  • 95% of the respondents indicate that the schools should allocate time to visit the fair during school hours.  

These responses indicate that the hybrid fair solution we are planning for in 2022/2023 will be very suitable for the target audience.