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«We want to get away from Norway»

Meet Maya and Ellen who visited the Student fair in Oslo Central 2020. They share their thoughts about why they are interested in studying abroad after high school.

We want to get away from Norway for a while and experience a new country and culture. We would like to see new places and see how other people live. It is also easier to get into some programs abroad such as degrees within Law.

Maya and Ellen have visited several of the international stands at the fair, and they think it is very useful to talk directly to representatives from universities abroad, and obtain information about the application process. Factors that are important when choosing where to study are the costs involved, if they can obtain scholarships and the language spoken and taught at the university abroad. They are interested in several countries and cities such as the UK, Barcelona, Copenhagen and many more. They are both 90% certain that they will go abroad to study sometime after high school!

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