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Why recruit Norwegian students?

Studying abroad is very popular among Norwegian students and they are encouraged by the Ministry of Education to obtain an international education.

  • Students can obtain generous financial support from Lånekassen (the state educational loan fund) to help cover tuition fees and living expenses abroad.
  • Nearly 20 000 Norwegians studied abroad during the 2021-2022 school year.
  • Norwegian students are fluent English speakers and well prepared for university studies
  • Students are at least 19 years of age when starting their university/college degree.
  • Students are adaptable to language and culture. They are low maintenance on campus and blend well with both local and international students.
  • Norway has strong traditions for studying abroad and students are encouraged to obtain an international education.

Would you like to recruit Norwegian students?
Participate at the Student fairs Norway 2022/2023!  

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