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Suitcase packed? Check. Passport ready? Check. Destination? IE in Madrid, Spain!

What will start out feeling like a Spanish vacation will turn into the career-building experience of a lifetime at this English-speaking Lånekassen-listed school.

The center of the action
You want a study abroad experience that puts you in the heart of the action. By choosing IE UNIVERSITY, you’ll be at the cutting edge of technological and educational innovation in an international setting. But the IE experience extends far beyond our campus. As a resident of Madrid, you’ll be part of a rich and diverse cultural landscape that holds endless possibilities. So whether it’s exploring the nooks and crannies of the Spanish capital, skiing in the Sierra de Guadarrama, or even hopping on a train for an impromptu beach trip, your free time will be filled with enriching experiences.

Have we piqued your interest? Read on, because we’re just getting started.

A hub of international activity
IE is more than a center of higher learning. We’re a dynamic, international educational ecosystem defined by our academically rigorous and technologically innovative experience, with a strong focus on entrepreneurship and the humanities. Thanks to this holistic, forward-thinking approach, we attract the brightest global talent from across sectors to our campuses, where we create the right environment for them to learn and grow as leaders in today’s globalized world.

The best of all worlds
When you think about Spain what pops into your head? We can almost read your mind. Well, you know what – the stereotypes are as true or false as you want them to be. That’s the beauty of Madrid: It’s exactly what you make it. You can go from enjoying traditional vinos and tapas in the vibrant La Latina neighborhood to hiking in the mountains just a few hours later. Madrid is a thoroughly modern city that’s retained all the essence of its past. This means you can balance visiting some of the world’s finest art galleries with enjoying Madrid’s mouth-watering selection of food from all over the world. In short, it means you can enjoy the laid-back Spanish lifestyle while still driving your career forward in one of Europe’s top financial hubs.

Perfectly positioned
There are many perks to being in the center of a well-connected European capital. If you have the urge to travel, you’ve got limitless possibilities in every direction. Not far outside the city there any number of small, picturesque towns and cities to visit like Segovia, Toledo or El Escorial. You can explore the natural beauty of the Sierra de Guadarrama on mountain bike or horseback. And if you’re more of a beach person, Valencia is only a few hours away on the high-speed train to the east and Lisbon or Porto a short plane ride to the west. With so many potential places to visit, Madrid’s like a live-in basecamp for any intrepid traveler.

Madrid is full of life and opportunity. As a student of IE, you’ll be able to get ahead as an innovative leader in an increasingly competitive global landscape. The best part? You’ll love every minute.

Are you interested in discussing any of our programs? Do not hesitate to contact us!

Andra Cioara
IE Coordinator for Europe and Central Asia


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