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Participation with a digital stand

With a digital stand you can communicate with the audience in several ways. You create your stand via the exhibitor portal which you will obtain access to after registering. Here you can add films and information material, talk to the visitors via chat and video calls, and register the contact details for students who are interested in more information.

The fair platform for the digital fairs in 2022 has been considerably improved since the last events. We can offer several new functions for increased interaction and more live activities. This time, parts of the fair will also be available in 3D format and visitors can choose to change between the 2D and 3D version during their visit. Students will also obtain access to their own planning page (My page) which they can use for both the fair visit and for their education selection process.  

What is included in a digital stand?

When you register as an exhibitor your will obtain a standard stand which includes the following features:

  • 1 short presentation film which also will be included in a film sequeence for visitors.
  • 1 line for chat/video calls in a new combined solution.
  • Function for registration of leads
  • Information text about your institution
  • Your logo and banner
  • Listing of the programs your offer
  • Up to 10 frequently asked questions (FAQ)
  • Links to downloadable material (pdfs, brochures and catalogues)
  • Your contact information and links to social media
  • Opportunity to relate yourself to other exhibitors (partners)
  • Searchability on interest, category, geography and alphabetical.
  • The content in your stand (except from the live-functions) will be available online also after the events. 
Illustration of standard digital stand.

Participate with the same content

If you participated as an exhibitor at the digital Student fairs in Norway 2021, the content of your stand will be copied over to the fair portal for 2022. It will however be necessary to edit and update the content to suit the new solution.

Additional content

It will be possible to order a selection of additional content for your digital stand in 2022. We can offer several new functions which will make your stand more interactive and informative.

Additional lines for chat/video calls: 2900,- NOK per line/per region (one-to-one interaction)
One line for chat/videocalls is included in a standard stand in a new combined solution, not using Zoom. You can order additional lines if you would like to handle several enquiries at the same time.

Group meetings: 3900,- NOK per region
This is a new function which will enable you to talk to several students at once. The group meetings will be listed in a schedule with pre-selected subjects which will be visible on your stand and also in the live program for the fair. They will also be filterable and searchable for the visitors. The idea is that this will give students a new way of contacting exhibitors which may seem less intimidating than one-to-one conversations. It is also meant to stimulate group discussions with questions and answers.  

You choose how long each meeting should last for, but we recommend up to 15 minutes. You order and pay for the function and can add as many group meetings as you want during each day of the fair. Keep in mind that you should offer the same content before and after 12noon to ensure that all visitors can obtain the same information.

Live webinars: 3900,- NOK each one/per region (recorded/saved: 4900,-)
The live webinars will be published in the live program for the fair and they will be filterable and searchable for visitors. Length: up to 15 minutes. You can choose if the live-webinar should be recorded and saved (and become available in the regular webinar program afterwards). We are planning for the same live-program before and after 12noon which means that exhibitors should hold their live webinars twice each day. This is to ensure that all visitors will obtain the same information.

Regular webinar: 3900,- NOK each one/per region
These are pre-recorded webinars which can last for up to 15 minutes. These will be published in the webinar program and also on your stand. The webinars will be available for visitors any time, also before and after the live events. They will also be filterable and searchable.

Subpages: 2900,- NOK each page/per region (previously channels)
These are additional pages on your stand which can be used to inform about specific programs, areas of study or other subjects you wish to highlight. The subpages will be titled according to the exhibitor’s category. Chat/videocalls are not included in the subpages but can be ordered additionally.

Booking tool for meetings: 4900,- NOK per region
This is a function which gives visitors the opportunity to schedule meetings with exhibitors both during and after the fair. This will work in the same way as registering interest; the student will register their interest for having a meeting with the exhibitor which will answer the request and schedule a meeting thereafter. This is very useful if students would like to speak to exhibitors after the opening hours of the fair with their parents present.

Additional films: 1400,- NOK each film/per region
These are additional films which will be visible on your stand and can last for up to 3 minutes. If ordering a large quantity of additional films, we can offer discounts. Contact us for a proposal.

Profile colour on your stand: 2900,- NOK per region
You can obtain your own profile colour on some of the content/functions on your stand.

If you order the same product in all 6 regions you will obtain 50% discount (you must participate with a digital stand in all 6 regions to obtain this discount) 

Information for how to order additional content will be ready during autumn 2021

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