Nationwide digital Student fairs

As an exhibitor at the digital fairs, you will get in contact with potential students from all over Norway who cannot visit a physical fair due to travel distance or other reasons.

The digital fair portal will also function as a supplement and an additional information channel for students that visit the physical fairs (everyone must register a digital user). During autumn 2022, we will invite all registered students to participate at additional digital events which will help them get started with the process of choosing education and future career. Exhibitors with a digital stand will also be visible at these events. Nordic digital Study abroad fair We will also arrange a digital Study abroad fair which will be held for students from both Norway and Sweden on the same date (22 March). As an exhibitor at this event, you will be able to meet students that are interested in studying abroad from both of these Nordic countries.

Dates and opening hours for the digital fairs 

2 November (2022): Nationwide digital Student fair Opening hours: 09.00 – 15.00 15 March (2023): Nationwide digital Student fair Opening hours:12.00 – 18.00 22 March (2023): Nordic digital Study abroad fair. Opening hours: 13.00 – 19.00 Please note that the opening hours are stated in CET and that changes may occur.

What is included in a digital stand?

With a digital stand you can communicate with visitors via chat/videocalls and live webinars. You build your stand in the exhibitor portal which you will gain access to after registration. Here your can add materials such as text, films, logo/banner and much more. You can choose to order a Complete digital stand which includes a package with live functions (14 900,- NOK) or a Standard digital stand, without these functions (4900,- NOK).

The Standard digital stand includes: 

  • 1 presentation film: 1- 3 minutes.
  • 1 mini webinar: 1-3 minutes.
  • Information text about your institution
  • Your logo and banner
  • Listing of the educations/programs you offer
  • Up to 10 frequently asked questions (FAQ)
  • Links to downloadable material (pdfs, brochures and catalogues)
  • Your contact information and links to social media
  • Searchability on interest, category, geography and alphabetical.
  • Function for selecting your own profile color.
  • Function for leads registration (LeadsManager)

The Complete digital stand includes all of the above, plus the following package with live functions:

  • Chat function with 2 simultaneous users and combined solution for video calls.
  • Unlimited number of live streams and live webinars (video meetings with self controlled settings).
Illustration of a Complete digital stand with English explanatory text. Click on image for larger version. The illustration is not 100% accurate.

Transfer content from 2022

If you participated as an exhibitor at the digital Student fairs in Norway 2022, you can re-use the same digital stand and content at the upcoming fairs. It is however recommended that you update and edit your stand to suit the new requirements for 2022/2023.

Additional content

It is possible to order additional content for your digital stand to make it ‘bigger’ and more interactive. Additional content can be ordered via a separate ordering system after registration. Example stand with additional content

Additional users for chat/video calls: 2900,- NOK per user (one-to-one interaction)
Two users for chat/videocalls are included in the package with live functions. You can order additional users if needed.

Webinars: 3900,- NOK each
One mini webinar is included in the standard and complete stand which can last for up to 3 minutes. Additional webinars can be ordered which can last for up to 15 minutes. These are pre-recorded webinars which will be published in the webinar program and also on your stand. The webinars will be available for visitors any time/on demand, also before and after the fairs.

Subpages: 2900,- NOK each
These are additional pages on your stand which can be used to inform about specific programs, areas of study or other subjects you wish to highlight. You can also choose to activate a chat function on the subpages.

Additional films: 1400,- NOK each film
These are additional films which will be visible on your stand and can last for up to 3 minutes. If ordering a large quantity of additional films, we can offer discounts. Contact us for a proposal.


You can increase your expoure at the digital fair by purchasing banner or advertising space which is available in several areas of the fair portal. The banner/advert will be linked directly to your digital stand. You can book advertising space in the exhibitor portal.

Please see the locations for banner and adverts here.

Banner on the start page: 15 000, – NOK (format: 1848×420)
2 banner placements available which will rotate between 10 advertisers in total.

Banner in the exhibition hall (messehallen): 20 000, – NOK (format: 1848×420)
2 banner placements available (at the top of the exhibition hall) which will rotate between 10 advertisers in total.

Banner in the live program: 15 000, – NOK (format: 1848×420)
2 banner placements available (at the top of the live program) which will rotate between 10 advertisers in total.

Banner in the webinar program: 15 000, – NOK (format: 1848×420)
2 banner placements available (at the top pf the webinar program) which will rotate between 10 advertisers in total.

Advert in the exhibition hall (messehallen): 10 000, – NOK
 10 advert placements available

Advert in the live program: 10 000, – NOK (format: 150×150)
10 advert placements available

Advert in the webinar program: 10 000, – NOK (format: 150×150)
10 advert placements available.

Digital Open house

It will be possible to use your digital stand to host your own event after the Student fairs in Norway. This can be a digital Open house event or similar. This event can be promoted on your stand during the fairs and also by using banner/adverts in the fair portal. We can offer variuos solutions for your own event depending on your needs and wants. More information and prices will be available soon.


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need more information. We are happy to assist if you need help with finding a suitable solution for your organization: // +47 7380 9767