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Participation with a digital stand

With a digital stand you can communicate with the audience in several ways. You create your stand via the exhibitor portal which you will get access to after registering. Here you can add films and information materials, talk to the visitors via chat and video calls, and register the contact details for students who are interested in more information.

What is included in a digital stand?

When you register as an exhibitor your will obtain a standard stand which includes the following features:

  • 1 presentation film (20 seconds) which will be shown to all visitors.
  • 1 line for chat
  • 1 line for video calls
  • Basic information / info text
  • Top banner and logo
  • Up to 10 frequently asked questions (FAQ)
  • Listing/overview of the programs you offer.
  • Links to downloadable material
  • Function for registering new leads.

The content in your stand will be available for one year.

Illustration of a digital stand. Click on image for larger version with explanatory text.

Presentation film
The presentation film is an important part of the digital fair. The film will be included in a film carousel (film sequence), which students can watch before the fair visit. This is to give them an overview of all exhibitors. The presentation film will also be visible on your digital stand. We recommend that you make an interesting film which will quickly grasp attention.

Mini webinar
You can also have a mini webinar on your stand which can last for up to 3 minutes. This is highly recommended so that you can give visitors more detailed information about your institution. The mini webinar must be pre-recorded to make it available for visitors at any time. A chat function is also included so that the audience can ask questions while watching. 

Chat and video calls
The digital stand provides the opportunity to communicate with the audience via chat and video calls. One line for chat and one line for video calls is included in a standard stand, and you can order additional lines if needed.

You can also have livestream session during the opening hours of the fair. If you choose to do so, we recommend that you inform the audience about this on your stand so that they know when they can watch your live video. Livestream is a great way of showing more of your institution, for example by doing campus tours, interviewing current students, answering questions live and much more.

Easy to participate with the same digital stand

If you participated as an exhibitor at the digital Student fairs in Norway 2021, the content of your stand will be copied over to the fair portal for 2022. You can of course update and make changes to your stand before the fair portal opens for visitors.

Additional content

It will be possible to order additional content for your stand. This can be done using a separate order form which will be available for exhibitors after registering. More information will come soon.

Illustration – webinar program


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