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The future is hybrid – participate at the Student fairs Norway 2022!

In 2022 the Student fairs will be a hybrid solution – a combination of digital and physical fairs which will incorporate the benefits from both types of events. This gives you as an exhibitor even better prospects of getting in contact with your target market in Norway.

National coverage

The Student fairs will be arranged in six regions during January and February 2022. The digital events will be held in all six regions and physical events will be held in Oslo (Telenor Arena), Bergen, Stavanger and Trondheim. We will make sure that you will become visible for all visitors and that it will be easy to operate both the digital and physical stand. Participation with a digital stand in the region is obligatory. In addition, you can order a physical stand in the cities of your choice. If ordering a physical stand, you will obtain the digital stand in the same region free of charge.

Digital fairs/ regions: 
  • Southern Norway: 13 – 14 January
  • Eastern Norway 1: 20 – 21 January
  • Western Norway: 24 – 27 January
  • Central Norway: 3 – 4 February
  • Northern Norway: 10 – 11 February
  • Eastern Norway 2: 16 – 17 February
Physical fairs: 
  • Oslo, Telenor Arena: 20 – 21 January (Eastern Norway 1)
  • Stavanger Forum: 24 – 25 January (Western Norway)
  • Bergen, Grieghallen: 26 – 27 January (Western Norway)
  • Trondheim Spektrum: 3 – 4 February (Central Norway)

More visitors in total

The hybrid solution gives visitors the opportunity to participate both physically and digitally, which may lead to higher visitor numbers in total. This will also make it easier and more flexible for the schools to give additional students the opportunity to participate and allocate more time for visiting the fairs. The hybrid solution also ensures that students that are unable to visit a physical fair, can still get in contact with all exhibitors. By visiting the digital fair, they can chat and have video calls with exhibitors that participate both physically and digitally.

Exposure for all visitors

If you participate with a digital stand only, you will still become available for students who visit the physical fairs. We will establish areas with PC stations in the exhibition hall where the students can get an overview of and contact the digital exhibitors. The hybrid solution will enable students that cannot visit a physical fair to still get in contact with all exhibitors. By visiting the fair digitally they can get in contact with both exhibitors that participates with a physical stand and exhibitors that have a digital stand only.

Overview of response and enquiries

The digital solution will allow exhibitors to obtain a full overview of the statistics and enquiries from the audience. All students can ask for more information and leave their contact details on your stand. This applies when they participate both digitally and physically. Exhibitors will therefore obtain a good overview of the response and can follow up all enquiries easily.

Flexible and safe for exhibitors

By participating digitally, you will be available with your information in a cost-effective way in the regions of your choice. If you would like additional exposure, you can participate with a physical stand in the selected cities as well. If the physical events cannot be held due to the pandemic situation, or if you cannot travel to Norway due to potential travel restrictions, you are already prepared with a digital solution. This ensures that you, in any case, will be able to reach your target audience in Norway. Exhibitors will be exempt payment for the physical stand in case of the above-mentioned scenarios.

Planning tool for students and advisors

The information in the digital portal will also become part of a planning tool which students can use in the education and careers selection process. Students from the visiting schools will obtain access to the fair portal during autumn 2021, so they can use it as a tool both before, during and after the fairs. 


We are happy to assist you with finding a suitable solution for your institution. Contact us by email: info@fairs.no or by phone +47 7380 9767

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