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Student fairs Norway 2024

Participation at the Student fairs provides a great opportunity to showcase your institution and the courses you offer to a wide range of graduating Norwegian students. It’s a chance to connect with potential students and provide them with valuable information to help them make informed decisions about their future education.

Nationwide coverage

The Student fairs will be held in 9 cities during January and February. You can also participate at nationwide digital events on separate dates in November (2023) and March. These will function as a supplement for visitors and will be a good alternative for students that cannot visit a physical fair due to travel distance or other reasons.

Why should you attend?

Attending the fairs is an excellent way to network with other education professionals and develop partnerships that can benefit your institution. You’ll have the opportunity to share ideas, collaborate, and stay up to date with the latest developments in the education sector. Moreover, by participating you can gain valuable insights into the current educational landscape in Norway and tailor your marketing strategies accordingly. It’s an opportunity to understand the needs and expectations of prospective Norwegian students and create marketing messages that resonate with them.

Dates and cities for the Student fairs 2024: 


The majority of visitors are students from high school and junior high school. The students are invited to the fair through close contact with the student advisors and are offered bus transport to the exhibition venue. Other visitors include students from community colleges and universities, student advisors, teachers, job seekers and others who are interested in education and career opportunities.


Exhibitors at the Student fairs are Norwegian and international universities, colleges, private institutions, high schools, organisations and companies.

The digital fair

The digital fair is nationwide which means that you can meet students from all over Norway on two days only. Most of these are students that cannot visit a physical fair due to travel distance or other reasons. The digital fair portal will also function as a supplement and an additional information channel for students that visit the physical fairs. All schools will be encouraged to use the digital fair in the planning process and all students have to register a digital user. 

The fairs can influence students choice of education

The Student fairs play an important role in the process of choosing education and future carreer. According to our annual visitor surveys, 9 of 10 believe that visiting a student fair can influence their choice of education and where to study. Read more survey results here

Collaboration with student advisors

We have a continual dialogue and collaboration with the student advisors throughout the year.  The organization for student advisors in Norway (Rådgiverforum Norge) recommend all schools to visit the fairs and to use them as part of the students’ career advising.


Contact us by email: info@fairs.no or by phone +47 4775 8800

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