Student fairs Norway 2022/2023
– finally we can meet again!

Participation at the Student fairs is a unique opportunity to meet thousands of prospective students at several locations in Norway. The majority of visitors are graduating students from high school. At the fairs you can talk to them directly about the programs you offer at your institution.

Nationwide coverage

The Student fairs will be held in 9 cities during January and February 2023 – and this time we can finaly meet again at physical fairs! You can also participate at nationwide digital events on separate dates in November 2022 and March 2023. These will function as a supplement for visitors and will be a good alternative for students that cannot visit a physical fair due to travel distance or other reasons. 

Dates for the Student fairs 2022/2023:

Additional digital events

The digital fair portal will function as a supplement and an additional information channel for students that visit the physical fairs as well (everyone must register a digital user). During autumn 2022, we will invite all registered students to participate at additional digital events which will help them to get started with the process of choosing education and future career.

Nordic digital Study abroad fair

We will also arrange a digital Study abroad fair which will be held for students from both Norway and Sweden on the same date (22 March 2023). As an exhibitor at this event, you will be able to meet students that are interested in studying abroad from both of these Nordic countries. 

Hybrid solutions 

At the physical fairs you can now utilize hybrid solutions which means that you can increase the capacity on your stand in a cost effective way, or participate at the fair without being present yourself. We offer both hybrid stands and hybrid stations which consist of equipment allowing you to meet students via ongoing video meetings. Read more 

Leads registration at physical fairs

This time, you can order a system for leads registration at the physical fairs. This means that you can register interested student’s contact information by scanning the QR-code on their mobile phone. This information will be available for you in the exhibitor portal, under Leads management. You will need to participate with a digital stand to obtain access to the exhibitor portal. The system for leads registration can be ordered in the complete order form for stand equipment and services which will be available for exhibitors during autumn 2022.

Who are the visitors?

The majority of visitors are students from high school and junior high school. The students are invited to the fair through close contact with the student advisors at each school and are offered bus transport to the exhibition venue. Other visitors include students from community colleges and universities, student advisors, teachers, job seekers and others who are interested in education and career opportunities.

Collaboration with student advisors

We have a continual dialogue and collaboration with the student advisors throughout the year. They sign up their prospective classes for the fair during spring and each student have to register and obtain a digital login and ticket during autumn 2022. The organization for student advisors in Norway (Rådgiverforum Norge) recommend all schools to visit the fairs and to use them as part of the students’ career advising.

Info meetings for exhibitors

We arrange information meetings for exhibitors during autumn 2022. The recordings of these info meetings will be available here:
Recording of the info meeting 7 October 2022


Contact us by email: or by phone +47 7380 9767